Satisfaction of Customers 
Quality of product and service


Established in Dubai 2010, Inoquest Labs Industries LLC (IQ-Labs) is committed to research, development and production of innovative products in disinfection, sanitation and cleaning. 

The corporate philosophy of IQ-Labs aims at the full satisfaction of Customers through the quality of product and service provided.

IQ-Labs commitment declines both in defining sales, investment and development strategies that are always tailored to industry trends, and in organizing its supply chain in the respect of quality, safety and company’s social responsibility.

To this end IQ-Labs aims to anticipate the needs of its Customers facing, with enthusiasm and professionalism, new challenges, including, nowadays, the most important that certainly is to be able to develop a strong local and international presence.

Corporate strategic plan sets as main target to innovation, efficiency and quality made by IQ-Labs and placing the Company among the international actors in the field of disinfection. 


You can only rely on approved products and certified production procedures, international standards and controlled and monitored environments.


Our experts will inform you about the range of effects of our products and hygiene measures                                      

Disinfection and hygiene

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