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GMP   &   DIN  ISO  9001 / 2015

You can only rely on approved products and certified production procedures, international standards and controlled and monitored environments.


We are a certified manufacturer of products and operate within GMP & ISO guidelines.

This means that our products are subject to very stringent quality requirements and controls.

We have many years of experience to safeguard this standard for our products and clients. From research & development to quality management.

We place great importance on quality inspections, even during production processes.   

The result is a wide range of controls on the plan. Continuous refinement of our procedure and extensive product tests ensures that we maintain consistent standards. External institutes and experts also review the effectiveness and skin tolerance of our products. 

Our products are subject across the board to very high quality requirements. Depending on the specific product requirements, we guarantee a production of products that complies with the biocidal and cosmetic ordinances or the Medical Devices Directive.


Our GMP  & DIN  ISO Certificates: